Soil mapping

Are you looking for a reliable method to increase the output of your crops? We can help. pH on soil can vary widely even within a small area of land. By using our accurate soil mapping procedure we can help you both cut costs and maximise your potential output. Talk to our experts at J & J Grant Ltd today, we are based in Midlothian and cover all areas of East and Central Scotland.

Why mapyour soil?

To make the most of your fields you need to know the acidity of the soil. This can vary across each field. By accurately mapping your fields we can apply lime or other products to even up the pH level across the field, allowing better quality crops to be produced and insuring essential nutrients are available for each particular crop in each field.

Our services include

Complete or part area mapping as required
Independent analysis
Mapping pH using a 50m grid (4 samples/ha) to produce accurate map
Additional nutrients can be mapped
Recommendations to suit your enterprise

Get your soil accurately mapped by the experts at J & J Grant Ltd, Scotland’s spreading specialists. Based in Midlothian and covering East and Central Scotland

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